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Welcome to Phở Hưng

Nguyễn Đắc Thòi brought his family and talent over to Canada in 1980. With the help of his family and hard work, he was able to open the first Phở Hưng Restaurant at 374 Spadina Avenue in 1985. Though that location is no more, it lays the foundation for the present.

The location at 374 Spadina Avenue was relocated to a larger and brighter 350 Spadina Avenue building. And with that success, two locations were opened, 200 Bloor Street West and then 1195 Dundas Street East (Mississauga).

No matter which locations is selected, the dedication and commitment are the same. Thòi and his family still manage all three locations. The kitchen staff from the original location are cycled through the three locations ensuring consistency with food preparation.

Please come and give us a visit. Our business are operated by family and we like you and your family to experience authentic Vietnamese cuisine.


Dear Customers,

We are sad to announce our Phở Hưng Bloor Street location will be operating it's last business day on Wednesday 27th June 2012, due to redevelopment projects in the area.

We thank you for your support over the past years, and look forward to your continued support at our other locations at Spadina Avenue in Chinatown and Dundas Street East in Mississauga.


Phở Hưng Management